CDT To GDT Gear List

Below is my planned CDT To GDT Thru-Hike gear list as of February 7, 2014. In addition to the summary below, I plan on doing a full review of all of my gear in a future post. I will post links here as soon as that is available.

UPDATE: My Pre-Hike Gear Review is now online!

My goal is to get my base pack weight (all gear less food, water and fuel) to lighter than 15 lbs. In Colorado that will necessarily be much heavier due in large part to my choice to carry snow-shoes. As it stands, My BPW is at 16.5 lbs, so a little trimming will be needed before I am happy with my list. Some changes I am considering are below:

  • Replace the GoalZero Nomad 7 Solar Panel with a Brunton 9 or 14 Watt SolarRoll – 6.26 ozs saved
  • Replace the Osprey 54 L Exos pack with the Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) 50 L Exodus pack – 23.21 ozs saved
  • Replace the Tarptent Notch tent with the cuben fiber MLD Duomid tent – 14.25 ozs saved

Total Potential Weight Savings: 43.72 ozs or 2.75 lbs




This list will go through iterations so check back in late March to see the final list before I head out to the trail on April 1st!

One response on “CDT To GDT Gear List

  1. Brett Miller

    WOW, I’m super stoked for you. Nice adventure your on. Ill chime back in to see how your trip goes. I hiked the PCT class of 2010 and plan on the CDT for 2015. I didn’t even know about the GDT until now. You have me thinking about possibly connecting the two trails next year. Cheers brother. Walk hard.
    Happy trails

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