CDT To GDT Interactive Maps

The following maps include the same waypoints and tracks that I will be using while on the trail, along with paper maps and a compass, to navigate. I am carrying an iPhone 4S with the Gaia GPS application. See below for more detail on the source of these files and other resources to help you prepare for using gps on your hike.

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Great Divide Trail (GDT)

The GPS waypoints for the GDT were taken from the appendix in Dustin Lynx’ guidebook, Hiking Canada’s Great Divide Trail. I hand entered them into a spreadsheet, converted the UTM waypoints to Lon/Lat coordinates, and then converted the excel file to an html file to display on this page.

Download a copy of the excel file used to create this map —-> Dustin Lynx GDT Waypoints

A great online tool, if you have latitude and longitude coordinates for any trail, is GPS Visualizer. You can upload .xls, .txt and other file types and convert coordinates into a .gpx file, .html file, create .jpg and .png map images with your waypoints, and view them in interactive maps.

I do not have track files for this route, but I think you can visualize the trail at a high level using the waypoints and by zooming in for more detail in any particular section.

These are the same waypoints I have loaded into my smartphone for navigation on the trail. I will be using the Gaia GPS smartphone app as my mapping software.

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