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How A Movie Changed My life, And How I Let It


Your day begins like any other Desperately you scan the list of ‘most popular’ movies searching for inspiration, but finding only spin-offs of marvel comic story-lines or armageddon style end-of-the-world thrillers – movies designed for the masses, movies designed to distract you from life instead of inspire you to live it. And then you see…

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World Domination Summit (WDS) – Do I Care? An Outsider’s Opinion On Portland’s Eccentric Gathering Of Non-Conformists

World Domination Summit

Portland – The City Of Enlightenment The place where the enlightened choose to be – the new San Francisco of Kerouac’s beatnik generation of the 1950’s, the new Paris of Hemingway and Picasso’s 1920’s. Portland has that fresh creative energy that is driven by writers, artists, activists and small business entrepreneurs who, as a group…

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My Top Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves (and the Books, Films and Blogs To Help Answer Them)

Living In Questions

Be BOLD, Ask Questions What allows some people to take big risks in life while others suffer quietly in desperation or boredom in their current circumstances? Why are some able to do work they love while others struggle every day with the motivation to get up in the morning? “Judge a man by his questions…

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